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South Bay Amateur Radio Association (SBARA), was formed in 1976 to cater to the amateur radio communities in the Fremont, Newark and Union City in the East Bay. 

The club welcomes people of all ages interested in Amateur Radio and helps them become licenced operators to enjoy the hobby first hand.

The club conducts regular monthly meetings, and invites a guest speaker to give a talk and discuss interesting projects. 

The club enjoys helping children get to know all about radio sport. The club can work with local schools to setup after school activities relating to this hobby.  Every year SBARA participates in the ARRL Field Day, inviting everyone young and old to join in the fun.

Club members also help local public events like the Primavera Bicycle Ride, The Hayward Zucchinni Festival, and other city events, county fairs etc., by providing strategic communication to event organisers, at no cost. This has in turn helped our members develop expertise in event communication that would be invaluable for communication during emergencies. Club members work in coordination with the Fire and Police departments in the tri-cities area and are proud to be able to respond when necessary.

Please check out the detailed information provided at various sections of this website.

Fremont CERT CE Schedule

Fremont CERT CE Schedule for 2016 Announced

The CERT Continuing Education Calss Schedule was announced last week. The classes are free to attend for anyone who is already trained by Fremont CERT as part of the Fremont Fire Department’s Disaster Preparedness Training Program. The schedule can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF here.




News & Events

Feb 12, Club Meeting [link]

Feb 18, FCV Meeting [link]

Feb 22, Board Meeting [link]

Apr 17, Primavera Century [link]

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