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General Meeting

14 April 2023

Welcome back!

Our first in-person meeting in over THREE YEARS!

Welcome guests!

bienvenue ようこそ

歡迎 welkom ברוך הבא

willkommen مرحباً

स्वागत benvenuto υποδοχή

boa vinda 환영

добро пожаловать

Welcome club members!

Introduce yourselves!

First name and call sign? (Pronouns?)



New licensees? License upgrades?

Show and tell

What are you working on?


Interesting QSOs


Radio in the Park

Who will be on the air on [2023-05-06 Sat]?

  • 10-10 International Spring Contest, CW
  • ARRL International DX Contest
  • F9AA Cup, Digital
  • "7QP" 7th Call Area QSO Party
  • Indiana QSO Party
  • Delaware QSO Party
  • New England QSO Party
  • You! Yes, you!

Let's organize

Where to go 🏃
Paseo Padre Parkway & Sailway Drive
When to arrive ⏰
09:00 to 10:00 local time
What to bring 🚚
Yourself, portable radio and logging paraphernalia
What call sign 📻
Club call sign KU6S for those on site?
Any other concerns ❓
Let's discuss!

Break time


Announcements and Club Business


Save the Date!

[2023-05-06 Sat] Radio in the Park
[2023-06-23 Fri] to
[2023-06-25 Sun]
ARRL Field Day
[2023-10-07 Sat] to
[2023-10-08 Sun]
California QSO Party
[2023-10-20 Fri] to
[2023-10-22 Sun]

Call for Speakers


Call for Speakers

  • Do you have an interesting topic?
  • Do you have a willing speaker for that topic?
  • Let the board know!

Call for Activities

What else can we do together as a club?


Membership Matters

Thank you, dues-paying members!

We won't bother you again until October, we promise 😇

WA6PWW Repeater Update


Nets and Nodes


Mythical Mystery Net

Informal 👕 👖 chat 💬 net

Mondays at 19:30 Pacific time

WA6PWW repeater: 147.015 MHz ➕ 103.5 Hz

You can even talk about things that aren't amateur radio!

Tri-Cities EmComm Net

Formal 🤵 directed 👉 net

Tuesdays at 19:30 Pacific time

WA6PWW repeater: 147.015 MHz ➕ 103.5 Hz

Wednesday Night Roundtable

Informal 👕 👖 chat 💬 net

Wednesdays at 20:00 Pacific Time

28.412 MHz or thereabouts

KU6S-2 packet station

Packet BBS on 144.91 MHz

Same site as WA6PWW repeater

Feedback to Steve AG6TT

Fox Hunt

Next 🦊 fox hunt 🐶 is [2023-05-13 Sat]

Talk-in on WA6PWW repeater: 147.015 MHz ➕ 103.5 Hz

Electronics Flea Market

🛒 [2023-04-16 Sun] 🛍 06:00 to 12:00 💸

West Valley College in Saratoga

Fill your junk box! Sell your junk box!

Amaze your friends! Appall your family! Confuse your enemies!

Second Sundays, except for this particular one.

Step up for the club


Currently Open Positions

📒 Compliance manager 📒

👥 Keeper of membership records 👥

🏢 Board member at-large 🏢

Positions Opening Soon

🦺 Safety officer 🦺

🧳 Quartermaster 🧳

✅ Volunteer Examiner liaison ❎

☕ Refreshments Coordinator 🍩

What the board is working on


In-person meetings

We got one done!

How can we make the next one better?

Help us go hybrid!

In-person license exams


Upcoming Meetings

[2023-04-24 Mon] Board Meeting
[2023-05-12 Fri] General Meeting

Thank You!

Hurricane Electric and Benny Ng for use of the room

Tim AF6TF for audio gear

Al WT6K for the projector

Elaine KJ6AOE and Greg WY6P for refreshments

Steve K6WW for the Zoom meeting

See you on the air!


73 DE KU6S S̅K̅