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South Bay Amateur Radio Association (SBARA), was formed in 1976 to cater to the amateur radio communities in the Fremont, Newark and Union City in the East Bay. 

The club welcomes people of all ages interested in Amateur Radio and helps them become licenced operators to enjoy the hobby first hand. The club conducts regular monthly meetings, and invites a guest speaker to give a talk and discuss interesting projects. Every year SBARA participates in the ARRL Field Day, inviting everyone to join in the fun. Let us help you discover and enjoy the Radio Sport !

New Members & Renewals

The SBARA board of directors (BOD) welcomes all members and would thank its membership for their dedication, generosity and continued support.

SBARA members are entitled to discounted renewal fees through March 31. Starting on April 1, the regular member fees will be in effect. Renew your membership now!

In addition, the SBARA BOD would also like to express its appreciation to its members for its continued support through the voluntary donations to the WA6PWW repeater system on 144, 220, and 440 Mhz. All donations are welcomed.

Joining and Renewing takes only a few minutes, with the secure on-line process via PayPal.


Winter Field Day, January 25th, 2020

Winter Field Day Association Website

You are invited to SBARA's Winter Field Day operation on Saturday January 25th, this year. We will be at our usual summer location in Fremont Central Park, the first parking lot on the right after entering the park at Sailway Drive from Paseo Padre.

Setting up will start around 10am and radio operation will begin at 11am and finish about 4pm. We plan to operate on various bands, some with 100 watt HF radios. You are welcome to bring field radios and antenna systems to try them out. We may use battery, solar or limited generator power; in which case, it could help to bring your own extension cords.

The station callsign will be KU6S, and we will keep simple paper logsheets for each band. If you are unable to come to the location, you can make contacts with us via the radio!

Don't have to be a SBARA club member to attend!

Winter Field Day 2020, SBARA Photo Gallery Link

(Please contact Webmaster if you wish to share your photographs of the event!)