About Us

SBARA was formed on October 29 1976, as a non-profit corporation to serve and promote the amateur radio community in the Tri-city areas of Fremont, Newark, and Union City. SBARA is a family friendly mid-size organization with 130+ members. Its membership has diverse interest within amateur radio.

Some of the membership activities you may become interested in are:

  • Emergency communications - active in one of the three tri-city ARES groups.
  • SBARA Field Day at Central Park - Join the over 30,000 hams that will be on the air for 24 hours testing their emergency stations.
  • T-Hunting - SBARA's jointly sponsored radio 'Fox Hunt' that starts in Fremont the first Saturday of the month.
  • Tri-cities VEC - a SBARA affiliate for taking test to become an amateur radio operator or update the class of your existing license. Club members participate in 'Testing Sessions'.
  • Slow Speed CW net for hams that want to learn Morse code.

But that's not all... SBARA has within its ranks a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into as a member. Experts in:

  • Repeaters - how to use them. benefit from them and make friends.
  • Mobile installations - learn to setup and operate a complete station in your vehicle.
  • Digital communications - enter the world of long distance digital communication. learn to operate RTTY, PSK-31, SSTV and other exciting digital modes.
  • Satellite Communications - enjoy having a crystal clear communication with other hams across the nation via amateur satellites.
  • Radio Sport - The sport of contesting. Learn excellent operating skills from some of the best operators in the world and push the limits of your stations's capabilities.

Meetings are once a month at Hurricane Electric located in the Warm Spring district of Fremont. Meetings include a presentation on a relevant amateur radio topic and a fun raffle for amateur radio equipment. Visit the 'Club Meetings' page for details.

We'd like to invite you, with family and friends to attend our meetings and check it out, even if you are not yet a member of SBARA. It is a family friendly club and you don't have to be a SBARA member to attend our meetings and events.