SBARA Leadership Team 2020


PresidentStephen RishtonAG6TT
Vice PresidentTony MonroeW6SFI
SecretaryCharles WinegardenKK6IPR
TreasurerAl RendonWT6K
Board Member at LargeGreg MillerWY6P
Board Member at LargeOscar RiveraKM6ETA
Board Member at LargeBernhard HailerAE6YN
Board Member at LargeJay KingW2AFE
Board Member at LargeDan Clemmensen KM6YCR
Board Member at LargeVincent TaiKM6VHD
Board Member at LargeNafis AhmadAI6AN


KU6S TrusteeBernhard HailerAE6YN
Quarter MasterGreg MillerWY6P
Compliance ManagerMartin CooperKD6YAM
Raffle ChairDeborah PattenAG6HJ
Refreshments ChairElaine Vallecillo-MillerKJ6AOE
Membership ChairUmesh GhodkeK6VUG
PhotographerJ J LermaW9ZZ
Web MasterUmesh GhodkeK6VUG
First Aid/Safety ManagerRobert O'NeilN5VD
Newsletter Editor(Position Open)
Program Facilitator(Position Open)

Event Chairs:

Field Day CoordinatorAl RendonWT6K
Primavera CoordinatorTony FluscheAB6BR
Zucchini CoordinatorAl RendonWT6K
Exam CoordinatorGreg MillerWY6P


Past SBARA Officers

Board of Directors Meeting

The SBARA Board of Directors is scheduled to take place on the fourth Monday of every month, except December. However on rare occasions, the meetings may be rescheduled or cancelled.

The meeting is brought to order around 7:30pm by the club president, followed by a welcome and a discussion of the meeting agendas. The meeting generally runs for about 60 to 90 minutes. The proceedings are regularly recorded by the Secretary and the minutes posted to the board for review.

Meeting Schedule and Location
DATE: The 4th Monday of the month except December
TIME: 19:30 Hours PST
WHERE: If you would like to attend, please contact a board member for the planned location.
The board members can be reached from the Contacts page.