Presentations at SBARA


WiFi_Networks.odp   download
WiFi_Networks.ppt   download
Red_Cross Emergency Drill Adventures, 2020-07-10   download
Winlink and Flmsg 2020-07-16   download

T-Hunt Sep 2009

Loop_3_view_copy.jpg   download
Loop_KN6FW.JPG   download
Loop_Thunt.jpg   download
Loop_thunt1e.txt   download
Loops_Pic.ppt   download
TDOA_100_0074.JPG   download
TDOA_100_0075.JPG   download
TDOA_100_0076.JPG   download
TDOA_100_0077.JPG   download
TDOA_100_0078.JPG   download
TDOA_519.ppt   download
TDOA_519_2009-08-26.asm   download
TDOA_CPU_519_2009-09-11.jpg   download

Amateur Satellites

Introduction to Amateur Satellites 2011, Umesh Ghodke K6VUG   download
Satellite Antenna System with Arduino, Umesh Ghodke K6VUG   download
Amateur Radio Satellites In 15 Minutes, Umesh Ghodke K6VUG   download

Other Topics

General Meetings

Amateur Radio Volunteer Examiner by Greg Miller WY6P   download
Exploring The Lunar Environment   download
Advanced APRS 2009, Umesh Ghodke K6VUG   download
Getting Started in SSTV, Umesh Ghodke K6VUG   download
Batteries by Rachael Kinoshita KK6DAC   download
Ham Shack Computer for the Frugal, Tony Monroe W6SFI   view
Tales from Solo Portable Operations: California QSO Party 2018, Tony Monroe W6SFI   view
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