SBARA Club Meetings

Member's Meetings

The SBARA Club Member's meeting takes place on the second Friday of every month, except December. The meeting is brought to order around 7:30pm, followed by a welcome and introduction of new members, new licencees, visitors and guests. Everyone is encouraged to talk about any exciting projects they have been working on or have made any new contacts recently. The raffle chairman highlights the items being raffled off for the evening. A brief summary of recent club activities and plans is announced by the presiding officer. A short break enables members to mingle and check out the raffle items, and an nice array of snacks is also available for everyone. The members meeting concludes by around 9:30pm.  Everyone is welcome to join the pre-meeting dinner as well.

Pre-Meeting Dinner 6:00pm, at Ho Chow Restaurant
47966 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539. map
Phone: (510) 657-0683

Member's Meeting Schedule and Location
DAY: 2nd Friday of Every Month (except December)
TIME: 19:30 Hours PST
LOCATION: Hurricane Electric, 760 Mission Court, Fremont, CA 94539 ( map)

The highlight of each meeting is a presentation and/or demonstration by a special invited guest speaker, on topics of mutual interest and relevant to amateur radio. The meeting dates are shown below. Additionally, an email is also sent out to the membership informing them of the details of each upcoming meeting.


Meeting Dates for 2018
January 12 3D Printing - Rick Powell, N6CHC
February 9 Puerto Rico emcomm - Joe Pistritto, N3CKF (slide deck)
March 9 Contest University by DX Engineering
April 13 Linux Hamshack PC by Tony Monroe, W6SFI (slide deck)
May 11  
June 8  
July 13 Batteries by Rachael Kinoshita KK6DAC (slide deck)
August 10 DMR radio by Peter Liljequist, AA6PL
September 14  
October 12  
November 9  
December -- NO CLUB MEETING --