Awards, Awards & More Awards !

Awards are an excellent way to get the much deserved recognition in the service of Amateur Radio. SBARA members are encouraged to contact the Awards Manager or any Board Member for recognition of their hard earned achievement and contest awards, related to Amateur Radio and Emergency Communication activities.

In your message, please indicate the Title, Date and the Organisation presenting the award, and SBARA will proudly display the awards right here.  Hurry, send in your awards to any Board Member for due recognition !

Below are some of the popular awards, but if your award is not on the list, we will add it to the list. For information about contesting and winning awards visit the Contests section on the Links page.

Worked All States (WAS) Award:
Name, CallSign, Award, Date Awarded

Worked All Continents (WAC) Award:
Name, CallSign, Award, Date Awarded

VHF/UHF Century Club (VUCC) Award:
Name, CallSign, Award, Date Awarded

The Ultimate "DX Century Club (DXCC) Award":
Name, CallSign, Award, Date Awarded

Contest & Achievement Awards & Plaques
All other international and individual awards achieved.
Name, CallSign, Award, Date Awarded

ARRL Awards
ARRL presents several highly coveted awards to members, please visit the ARRL Awards page for more information.

SBARA Awards
SBARA will from time to time award its members for outstanding service and/or acheivement.


Go get 'em !