Local Packet Nodes

Following are some of the local packet nodes reachable from the tri-cities of Fremont, Newark and Union City.

Packet Nodes

Packet repeaters provide an excellent way of sending text-based messages from station to station. Some have mailbox systems, where you can leave a text email for another ham to collect later. There is no need to set up an account - normally, any callsign works as a valid address. Little more than a laptop and an HT are needed to access these systems. Some useful stations are:

PBBSFrequency Information
KU6S-2 currently on 145.630 MHz SBARA's packet mailbox is now located at the Niles repeater site. We are testing the station on a standard WinLink frequency (145.630) and plan to update it to Packet Winlink capability, allowing internet email to be sent. Please try connecting to the packet station and send signal reports to KU6S. Contact Steve Rishton AG6TT for further information.
K6FB-2 145.050 MHz On Skyline Ridge, provides digital coverage all over the Bay Area. Many digipeaters and packet mailboxes share this frequency, and send beacons. Try exploring them.


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