Local Repeaters

Following are the commonly used repeaters in the tri-cities of Fremont, Newark and Union City.

WA6PWW Repeater

147.015 +600 kHz 103.5
223.900 -1.6 MHz 107.2
442.600 +5 MHz 107.2

Owned by Kit Blanke, WA6PWW, operated by the Tri Cities Repeater Association and supported by SBARA, it is probably one of the oldest repeaters in the SF East Bay. This repeater is located near above Niles/Union City providing wide area coverage of the Bay Area, especially the tri-city areas of Fremont, Newark and Union City. The repeater provides strategic communications facilities for the local ARES/RACES groups and the talk-in repeater for "Fox" (aka hidden transmitter) Hunts in the region.

ACWD Repeater (call sign N3MMQ)

441.125 +5 MHz 100.0

Owned by the Alameda County Water District, was set up primarily to provide communications during emergencies. The repeater is situated on ACWD property at Coyote Hills, and provides excellent coverage in the tri-city areas of Fremont, Union City and Newark. The repeater is also used by the local ARES/RACES groups.

KN6EF "East Side Valley" Repeater

146.610 -600 kHz 123.0

Owned by the Golden State Amateur Radio Club, was primarily set up to support emergency communications during major disasters. The repeater situated atop the Masonic Home in Union City, and provides excellent coverage in the tri-city areas of Fremont, Union City and Newark.

N6NFI Repeater

145.230 -600 kHz 100.0

Owned by Space Systems Loral and situated in the hills of Palo Alto, it provides excellent coverage over most of the SF Bay Area. It has become a popular "waterhole" for many hams and is also the home for the very popular daily 9AM Talk Net, the weekly Youth Net, commute time rag-chew among other casual uses. It is also the talk-in repeater for the Parachute Mobile, Electronic Flea Market, and other regular events. It also supports Hospital Nets and other emergency nets on the West side of the Bay.

W6SRR Repeater

147.045 (Narrow FM) +600 kHz 94.8
442.625 +5 MHz 94.8

Owned by the Sunol Ridge Repeater Group, W6SRR, is situated on Sunol Peak. The group's official website is at Google Groups - sunolridgerepeatergroup. The repeater provides excellent coverage over most of the SF Bay Area. It has become a popular repeater for commuters to/from the Livermore area, especially on freeways 680 and 880. It is also used as the talk-in repeater for local events and supports several emergency nets. (updated on 12/20/2017 per Darrel Laursen K6DRL)

K6FB Repeater

145.450 -600 kHz 100.0
223.880 -1.6 MHz 100.0
442.575 +5 MHz 100.0

Owned by Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club. Located on the Skyline Ridge near Castle Rock State Park, at 2800ft. Easily reached from the Tri-City area using an HT with a good antenna. The 2m and 440 frequencies are linked full time, and provide excellent coverage over the entire Bay Area and beyond. K6FB also has a packet repeater and mailbox system (see below).

LPRC Repeater

146.640 -600 kHz 162.2
442.900 +5 MHz 162.2

Owned by Loma Pioneer Repeater Club and located on Loma Prieta Summit at almost 4000ft, this is a useful wide-area repeater system. The UHF repeater is connected via the WIN System (Western Intertie Network) to many repeaters in other states as far as Alaska and Florida. Almost any time of the day you can call out and get a reply from a distant location. It is useful when you want to demo amateur radio to family and friends. The callsign of the LPRC station is WR6ABD.

W6RGG Repeater

147.240 +600 kHz 107.2

In San Leandro, used by Alameda County RACES.


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