Radio Out Of The Park

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 1st 2021, from 10am to 10pm PDT (17:00 UTC Saturday to 05:00 UTC Sunday)

Location: YOUR HOME

This will be a multi-operator station on HF bands, operating from our homes, under the club callsign KU6S. This will be a practice session for Field Day in June.

We will be contacting stations in 7QP, the 7th Call Area QSO Party. Expect a lot of contacts in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Montana, and Wyoming!

We had a successful joint operation last year, and the COVID-modified rules for 7QP allow multi-operator stations from anywhere in our state, again for 2021.

Do not submit your 7QP log directly to the contest! Instead, send it to the club president as detailed in his mail to the Groundplane mailing list.

Due to stay-at-home guidelines, SBARA is requesting all operators to participate from their homes. Participants can monitor the WA6PWW repeater on 147.015 MHz PL 103.5 Hz, to discuss coordination of their operations. Listen in to the repeater if you want to take part! (By the rules of the contest, the repeater channel must not be used to assist in making actual contacts.)

This is a fun event where we get to play Radio Sport in a group setting. The past Radio in the Park events have been successful in several ways. They have given club members a chance to get out and "play" ham radio without all of the overhead of Field Day. They have also engaged the public and sparked the interest of new people young and old, to become hams. All this is exactly what we hoped to accomplish with Radio in the Park. This is an opportunity to dust off your radios, antennas and homebrew projects and put them on the air! And take a few photos to share with the club at our next general meeting!